Transitioning from being a renter to a condo-owner can be a huge thing. It is more than experiencing the freedom that comes along with it. It is about enjoying to the fullest luxury move-in-condos like Mazarine Ratchayothin (แมสซารีน รัชโยธิน, which is the term in Thai). You no longer have to deal with having to pay penalties for hanging posters and drilling nails into your house walls for art pieces.

Here are a few things to know when you are planning a shift into ready-to-move condos.

You, Will, Be Answerable To The HOA

Living in condos and living in houses are two different things. Staying in a condo means you will have to abide by the HOA-laid rules and norms. Some HOAs might go berserk with things like your door colour and where your visitors park their vehicles. Research properly before moving into condos.

Hoa Dues Include Various Expenses

You will have clear the HOA dues every month in a condo. The HOA dues cover various things like landscaping, trash pick-up, pool maintenance, etc. If you are new to the world of owning condos, then you would enjoy the convenience of HOA looking after your needs.

You, Will, Have Long-Term Neighbour Relationships

When you are staying in an apartment, you will have temporary neighbours who come and go. However, when you are owning private condos, you can stick with neighbours for several decades.

You Have To Seek Approvals For Remodels

Condo ownership implies the flexibility to renovate, however you have to get approvals for remodels from HOA for particular structural damages. Avoid installing hardwood floors on your upper floors without getting a green signal from the HOA.

You Cannot Rent Out Your Ready-To-Move In Condos

Some condos come with limitations on how many owners can rent their condos. If you can purchase your condo and wish to rent it for a bigger condo elsewhere then you might not be allowed for that because your neighbours might not allow for that.

The HOA Will Take Care Of Most Repairs

If your refrigerator doesn’t work or there’s a minor plumbing or roofing issue then the HOA will be responsible for it. The HOA will be interested in all the repairs related to the wall or the overall condo structure.

Moving into ready-to-move condos like Mazarine Ratchayochin has various benefits. These were some of the advantages of living in such condos. They ensure peaceful, happy and better lifestyle for condo owners.