Basic liability protection is a requirement for auto transport companies. In rare circumstances, you can also get extra insurance protection from your car shipper.

A select few auto transportation businesses provide additional insurance choices including gap insurance and cash against your deductible. Ask your insurance agent more about the specifics of your policy to find out if your personal insurance covers auto transport.

Your car is covered by auto shipping insurance while it is being transported. Although it is not needed by law, the majority of auto transport businesses advise it. Based on the value of your car and how long the cargo will take, auto shipping insurance might cost anywhere between $100 and $300.

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However, while dealing with any car shipping company, you must be aware of the following.

  1. See the proof of insurance from your service provider

Basic liability protection is a requirement for auto transport companies. Auto transport businesses are required by law to maintain a current insurance certificate, and they must be able to produce it upon request.

At this time, you should also inquire about their policy. Find out if they will pay for any damage sustained during the shipping of the vehicle.

  1. Every detail must be available in writing

Get any specific agreements or considerations in writing prior to accepting the conditions of an auto shipping service. This will safeguard you in case something unexpected occurs, especially if they are rendering you a service or consenting to something that is not specified in their standard contract.

  1. Confirm from your insurance provider

Basic liability protection is a requirement for auto transport companies. Depending on your coverage, your own auto insurance provider might cover your car while it is being transported, but you should always double-check.

Find out if your current coverage is still in effect while the car is being transported.

  1. All loose items from your car must be removed

Remove all of the loose objects from your car before giving over the keys to avoid the possibility of interior damage, which is typically not covered by auto shippers.

Included in this are all removable electronics, extra cash, CDs or cassettes, and anything else that might fly away.

  1. Inspect your car thoroughly both times

While handing over and also while receiving your car back from your car shipping company, you must thoroughly inspect your car and also document it.

  1. Know where to complain

You can file a complaint with your neighbourhood Better Business Bureau office if you believe that the auto transportation company failed to offer the services you anticipated or that they treated you unfairly.

You can also complain to the US Department of Transportation if your vehicle was moved over state boundaries.

Awareness is very important as you are handing over one of your most expensive items to an auto shipping company. Therefore, before you hand over your car to any shipping company you must be prepared for any eventuality.