You might be interested in the results of your background investigation. It is also a great method to keep track of the personal data that is available regarding you. You may do a background check on an individual or anything you want to keep an eye on using various free web services. Let us examine the top free and paid methods for doing free public criminal record checks.

The Top 3 Websites in 2023 for Free Background Check Solutions

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is an excellent resource if you are especially interested in someone’s arrest history or criminal history. This background check company searches government, criminal, and police records.

For your absolute privacy, our service also employs a completely secure connection. Furthermore, they can provide you access to images, social media connections, and background checks for any subject you are looking for. You may have all your criminal records needs to be fulfilled by this company.


Since Intelius allows you to search up anyone, it is a frequently utilized background check tool. You can use the free public criminal record check to learn more about the person’s criminal history. Finding the proprietor of a number that phoned you using a reverse lookup functionality is one of the tool’s greatest capabilities.

To get the data you are looking for, Intelius searches through more than 20 billion public and personal records completely anonymously. Additionally, you will have the option of filtering the precise data you want. The ability to search for property data and locate your personal information is a feature of Intelius that is often utilized.


Truthfinder has become one of the most popular background check services available, as you may know, if you have looked up criminal record checks online. Numerous publications, including CNet and the Huffington Post, have given this service their highest possible ratings. Nearly 60,000 people have given the service excellent reviews and ratings.

A thorough background check using some of the most up-to-date data is accessible through the Truthfinder service, along with current contact information. Additionally, you may search the dark web to keep track of material that has been disclosed or stolen.

Background Checks: Are They Legal?

If you wish to perform a criminal record check, you may even be unsure about the legality of doing so. In truth, the Fair Credit Report Law is a particular statute that deals with doing background checks. This legislation mandates that you must work with a consumer credit bureau that has received official authorization to obtain a credit report.

These authorized consumer credit bureaus gather, offer, and compile truthful customer data while abiding by the regulations to safeguard privacy. The Fair Credit Report Law also guarantees fairness and protection for customers.


Although conducting a background check may seem difficult, doing so may help you understand the person you are interacting with. A free public criminal record check is helpful whether you are looking for a possible date or yourself. Criminal record checks are not new. They have long been a popular method of pre-employment screening.