Houseplants are essential for interior decoration and can bring more appeal and beauty to your home. However, most people do not know the toxicity level of houseplants. Poisonous plants harm children and pets, so it’s essential to be cautious when choosing plants. This article will explore non-toxic indoor plants that are safe for homes. 


Green peperomia is also known as the American rubber plant. Some people also know it as a pepper face or baby rubber plant. It is part of the Piperaceae family and is a non-toxic option for your garden. Peperomia has smooth leaves that are thick, fleshy, and matte in texture. It is also relatively easy to care for and grows excellently in bright indirect light. 

It also loves warm conditions with excellent humidity levels. It can survive low light conditions for a few weeks when planted indoors in wholesale plant pots. It is also drought resistant, making it a low-maintenance option.

Calathea Plant

This is a beautiful non-toxic houseplant that’s great for your home. It is striped and has fishbone markings, making it a unique option. Additionally, Calathea plants are usually called prayer plants and are kept as houseplants worldwide. Calathea makes an excellent option for homes and offices and conveniently grows in wholesale plant pots. They are also a great option if they’re air purifying. 

Blue Star Fern

They’re attractive and tend to change colors as they catch the light. Blue star ferns also love the shade, making it an excellent option for rooms with little natural light. 

They’re also drought resistant but also require humidity to survive. When growing blue star ferns in wholesale plant pots, you must provide daily misting to maintain their health and color. You can also choose to grow blue star ferns in the kitchen or bathroom because these are usually the most humid rooms in a home.