What You'll Get in This Class!

35 Minutes. 6 Worksheets. 7 Proven Steps.

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skill #1

The 7 steps and #1 goal in every successful networking interaction and why being embarrassed is a good thing 


Exactly what to say to prevent those awkward silences

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skill #3

The two most important words in the English language and why you should say them as much as possible.


Why you're already a mirror and how to use it to your advantage. 


skill #5

How to close with no pressure and turn a 5-minute conversation into a profitable connection.

skill #6

How to make sure you connect with and close different types of people. 


Bonus Options

How to talk to famous people

Even though we treat everyone with the same respect, there are specific differences in the way you talk to executives, influencers and celebrities. Here are 5 specific things to say and do to make sure you don't blow the opportunity. 

conference networking

Professional conferences can be overwhelming at best and scary at worst. But they are also one of the best ways to add like-minded people to your network. Here are 6 specific ways to make your conference networking successful. 

Follow up strategies

The fortune is in the follow up, but sounding friendly but professional, or more importantly closing without sounding like a jerk isn't  always easy. So here are 5 ways to prevent your follow up from ruining your networking.  


Your Instructor: 


Chantelle Anderson


My Story

Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with someone but had no idea what to say?

Or been right in the middle of the conversation and gotten caught in a moment of awkward silence?

Have you ever went to a networking event determined to grow your career and walked out without any connections you could use? 

Before I got into sales, I would've said yes to all three questions! 

I started out super shy... (no one believes me these days, but it's true).

I hated talking to people I didn't know, and avoided it at all costs. 

When I went to Vanderbilt to play basketball and told my coach I wasn't doing any interviews, he laughed...right before he made me take a speech class. 

The day I was scheduled to give my first speech, I slowly walked up to the room, looked through the little window on the classroom door, turned around and walked right back to my dorm. 

Totally skipped the class! 

As time went on though, I couldn't avoid it. Playing basketball meant I had to talk to reporters, boosters and fans. 

And after college, every job I wanted required me to talk to strangers.

I had no choice but to conquer my fear and figure it out! 

Fast forward to now and I've done more of it than your average person... 

  • Served as a player representative for two WNBA teams in sponsorship meetings and community service events
  • Helped sign a nationally ranked recruiting class while coaching at Virginia Tech,
  • Sold millions in medical devices and won awards for Stryker Medical
  • Started my own consulting firm from the ground up 

I've literally been getting paid to talk to strangers and build relationships for the last 14 years.

So if you've ever struggled with making connections like I did - in business or in life - I made this for you!

In Make Networking Less Awkward, I'll share the simple formula I use every day to make profitable connections wherever I go. 

Going from shy and self-conscious to being able to talk to anyone in any situation has made me a lot of money and opened a ton of doors, and I can't wait to help you do the same.

Cheers to confidence, clarity and success!

~ Chantelle  

How to Work Your Network

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