Provocative, purposeful conversations for women

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What is Convos?

Convos is diverse women, talking about real topics, over food and laughs.

At every Convos event you will:

Make genuine connections, share insights, and learn from other accomplished women, all while enjoying the art of conversation.

We discuss intentional topics, and celebrate those meaningful interactions with each other that too often get lost in our busy schedules.

Come converse with us! 


Next Convos

For our next Convos, we're talking about something that happens too often but doesn't get talked about enough. We're talking about rape. 

Why? Because in the last week, I've spoken to two other women who've been raped. The week before, I had conversations with two different women who had also. It's an experience that so many of the amazing women I meet have been through. 

Bottom line is, this is a needed conversation and so we're going to have it in true Convos fashion: in an environment of safety, honesty and respect that will facilitate healing. You don't have to have been raped; you simply have to care about women who have. I hope you'll join us. 


2:00. Arrival ~ Pre-Convos Networking Social ~ Light Bites

2:30. Code of Convo ~ Participant Speed Intros ~ Moderator Intro

2:50. Reflection Activity

3:10. Conversation!

4:30. Survivor's Activity

4:50. Closing Remarks ~ Giveaways ~ Announcements

5:00. Post-Convos Networking Social ~ Dessert Bar 


Feedback From Previous Events

"My favorite part of Convos was the discussions with open-minded women. It allows us to find commonality and gives understanding to all of us. I love intelligent convos!” 


"My favorite thing about Convos was that it was diverse, honest, and very welcoming." 


"The caliber of women at Convos was impressive. Great networking opportunity."


“The women at Convos were personable and the atmosphere was friendly and respectful. Great conversation.”


“I really liked the different perspectives of the women and being able to talk respectfully and intelligently.”


“I appreciated the honest and relaxed atmosphere. Next time we need more time!” 


"The best part of Convos was meeting a diverse group of women and having honest conversation.” 


“I love meeting and connecting with different people from different walks of life. It’s a great learning experience!” 


"My favorite thing about Convos was how honest and engaged everyone was. We all got to share our personal experiences. I felt very welcomed here and I’m excited to come back!”