Visible Confidence

How to Finally Overcome Your Insecurities and Live Your Calling


"Just be who you are and love yourself," is dumb advice. 

If it was that simple, we'd never feel insecure, asking questions like: 

Am I good enough to make great happen?

Why do I feel like such a fake?

Can I make this business work?

Will they even hire me?

Will I ever believe the good things other people say about me?

Do I have it together enough to lead?

What if I fail?

How do I turn off these voices in my head telling me I can’t do it?

What if no one likes the real me?

Am I pretty enough? 

If you’ve ever felt that way, I have good news for you.

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You're not alone.

In a KPMG Leadership Study, 67% of women said they needed more support in building confidence to feel like they can be leaders.

And in a study by Dove, only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves "beautiful".

KMPG also found that 65% of women lack the confidence to ask for a promotion, and that in job searching, women won't apply unless they believe they meet 100% of the requested competencies. Comparatively, men apply at 60%.


How Confident Are You?

This is the foundation of the course. It's our formula.

So if you go through this video and have all of them down confidence wise, GREAT! I'm glad I could help.

But if you want proven techniques, expert advice and a community of women encouraging you on the path to building confidence in these areas, you're in the right place.

Join us!

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Visible Confidence

How to Finally Get Over Your Insecurities and Live Your Calling


our last Visible Confidence launch closed on september 17th, but click the buttom below to get first dibs when it opens again!


Who is This Course For?

Visible Confidence is for anyone who wants to achieve one or more of these things:

Build more confidence

Stop giving in to insecurity

Grow your business

Start a business

Conquer fear

Get out of your own way

Be more authentic

Get past your past

Embrace how you look

Take more initiative

Get a new job

Upgrade your circle of friends

Network like a pro

Get unstuck

Accept the love you deserve

Chase your dreams

Live your calling


What You Get When You Enroll Now:

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Over 35 video lessons

Seven modules plus bonuses, broken up into over 35 short video lessons. 

We'll walk together, step-by-step, to help beat insecurity and build confidence in each of seven areas.

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50 page workbook

A downloadable workbook with worksheets for each lesson and journal pages for each module. 

They will help you apply the lessons in a clear, simple way and track your progress. 

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exclusive community

Access to a private group where you can connect with other participants. 

Our community is safe and engaged. You'll feel like you just met best friends invested in your progress. 

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weekly live coaching

Submit your questions weekly and I go live inside the group to answer them. 

This allows you to get coaching on the things you need help with, see you're not alone and learn from others. 


Course Breakdown


Learn how to win the fight against fear and doubt so you can stop paying the Cost of Insecurity in your life.



Learn how to embrace your kind of beauty and fight outside influences that say you're not good enough.


Learn why you should take Kanye's advice, how to be enough for you and why singing out loud makes all the difference.



Learn the forgotten ingredient in work, secrets to productivity and what's currently standing in the way of your calling.



Learn how to decide who to keep and who to cut, and a step-by-step guide to building your circle through networking once you're done.



Learn how to stop entertaining thieves, throw the right kind of house parties and put together your perfect puzzle (all life parallels of course).



Learn how boxes are stopping you from moving forward and the step-by-step process for successfully unpacking them on your own time.



Additional videos from Chantelle and other experts to help you live more confidently in business and in life. 

BONUS #1 - A video guide to building powerful partnerships in your business

BONUS #2 - An additional video course on how to connect with prominent people


I think every woman, no matter who she is, should take this course. 

- Alicia Jay, TV Personality, Blogger


Visible Confidence is

100% Risk Free.

There's a 14-Day, money back guarantee. 

If the first two modules of Visible Confidence aren't what you expect, you get a full refund. 

But I'm not going to let you cheat yourself. 

If you can show me you've done all the work for the first two weeks and honestly say you got nothing out of it, you'll get a refund. 

You just need to show me that you tried.

Why? Because I know how this course can change everything when you commit to it, and that's what you deserve.  



Your Coach: Chantelle Anderson 


I know something about you, even though we probably haven't met yet.

I know that you have fears and dreams, which means you also have confidence issues.

But so do I.

I have insecurities, fears and a past that isn't all roses. Sometimes I question if I'm qualified enough or smart enough or pretty enough, or if I can really make my dreams happen. 

That used to be hard for me to say.

But now it's not. Because in that way we're all the same, whether we're willing to admit it or not.

The difference between me and a lot of other people is that I've found a way to keep those things from killing my ambition and sabotaging my career.

I've learned how to feel more confident, and live confidently even when I don't. And I've used those lessons to succeed in my career for the last 20 years across different industries, roles and responsibilities.

Now I help others do the same, and I want to help you too.

You have too much talent and ambition to let your confidence issues stop you from getting what you want. Let's make sure they don't!


P.S. I believe credentials matter when you're taking advice, so here's a few...

Vanderbilt University Alum, 2nd overall pick in the WNBA Draft, Vanderbilt Basketball all-time leading scorer, Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, 6-Year WNBA Veteran, TEDx Talk, Top Recruiter at Virginia Tech Basketball, Stryker Medical Presidents Club, South Central Sales Rep of the Year, Stryker Medical John W. Brown Award, GALLUP Strengths Academy Certified


Visible Confidence on Stage

VC on the Hallmark Channel!

VC at the National Sales Network! 


My Why:

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Chantelle has a way of connecting with you at any phase of life and taking the journey with you. Her smile and her joy are infectious and when working with her you can feel her genuine passion. She has been a sounding board, a critic and a friend. Every time we speak I leave our interactions re-energized and with a plan of action.

WNBA Player, Poet, Speaker


I can honestly say that I LOVED it!!!!!!! I am so encouraged right now, lol. You are completely relatable and everyone will want to be best friends with you! The first exercise made me cry. The next one was an amazing way to look at how fear affects our lives. I am totally inspired. I can't wait to suggest this to people I know!

Registered Nurse


I just want to say thanks again for this confidence class. It's really helped me a lot as I have been going through it and meditating on it, and I think it's really deep. The questions you asked helped me pull out the root of my issues. I've seen these things not only hurt me but also my husband (and in turn it affects my marriage) because he can see in my lack of appreciating his compliments how insecure I am. I've definitely got a long way to go, but, with the help of your class, I moving faster in life than anything else I've tried.

Starbucks Barrista/New Mom

Silver Stars Logo.png

"Chantelle Anderson”. Just the mention of the name brings a smile. She has an energy to communicate in a way that brings attention to the moments about to be shared. She has a wonderful story to tell and she tells it in a way that makes you feel like you have known her all your life. Motivation, communication, team building, and persistence are all things Chantelle Anderson has lived to tell about with a smile .

Dan Hughes
Former General Manager /Head Coach
WNBA San Antonio Stars

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I think every woman, no matter who she is, should take this course. 

TV Personality, Blogger


When does the course start and finish? 

The course launches on specific dates throughout the year. Once it starts, you’ll get access to a new module every week for 8 weeks. So basically I’m going to be your confidence coach and accountability partner for 2 months! 


How long do I have access to the course? 

You have access to this course as long as it's in existence! Even when we continue to relaunch with additional content and additional bonuses, you never have to pay again. 


What if I’m unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy with it and I really hope you’re not. But, if you don’t think it’s your thing, just email us anytime during the first module and we’ll give you a full refund. After module 2 is released, we won’t be able to issue any refunds so make sure you let us know within that first week. 


Who is Visible Confidence for? 

Visible Confidence is for anyone who feels like they’ve been getting in their own way in any area of their life. It’s also for anyone who’s shy, questions or doubts themselves often, let’s fear stop them, or knows there’s more they could do if they just believed they could. Let’s be honest here. We all have insecurities and we all have dreams, and so we all have confidence issues. Visible Confidence is for anyone who’s willing to admit that and ready to do something about it. 


What makes this course different? 

This course is different because we’re working on you first. So many people are selling 6-figure paychecks and jetsetter lifestyles. Which are awesome. But no matter how much information we know or tools we have, we’ll never be able to walk in our potential without the confidence to go out and make things happen. We’re going to build you up so you can go get everything else you want. 


How long is this course? 

This is totally self-paced. So you’ll get one module a week for eight weeks. But you don’t have to go at that speed. You can go at any pace that’s comfortable for you! 


What are the lessons like? 

Once you register, you can sign in using your personal login info (just like Facebook). That's where you'll see all your lessons, completed and those left to do. Each module has three to five videos with corresponding worksheets. When you watch the videos, they will cover what you need to know for that lesson and then each worksheet will help you apply it to your own life. 


Any more questions? 

Send me an email about it!

Excited to work together! Cheers to YOU!


Chantelle is one a the most genuine people I have ever known. She is a cheerleader and a coach. Hard working, strong, beautiful, and kind. Working with Chantelle, she has been someone who never pitied me or criticized my life, or tried to be anyone she's not. She's real and human! Thank goodness!

Instead she is someone who meets you in your pain, not to change you but to help you. She heard my story and chose to walk beside me on my journey and I couldn't be more grateful for someone like her. In this year I've learned so much and I continue to do so all the time. She is definitely someone we all need on our team of life! 

Youth Counselor, College Student

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Visible Confidence

How to Finally Get Over Your Insecurities and Live Your Calling




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