15-Day Strengths Challenge

The Background

So if you're here, then you've spent the last 15 days focusing on conquering your fear.

Which is AWESOME! Great job!

But whatever we focus on the most is the thing that ends up running our lives. 

I don't want that to be fear for me or for you. 

So the perfect thing to do after a fear challenge is a strengths challenge, where we move from focusing on our fear to focusing on our strengths! 

We're all more confident when we're doing stuff we're good at and so that's what we're going to do, for the next 15 days!


The Rules

Every day, you must do ONE of the following (not all three):

- Something you're good at
- Something you can lose yourself in (like time goes by really fast whenever you're doing it)
- Something other people ask you for help with

You can repeat something several times but try to add as much variety as possible. The goal is to find as many ways to live in your strengths as possible. 

The best things to do, in my opinion, are things that are still moving you forward but in a way that's focusing on what you're good at. 

This comment thread is where we can all record our wins each day. Feel free to add proof as in pictures or videos. 

It'll also turn out to be a huge list of ideas for all of us when we get stuck on what to do each day. 

Also, just like the Fear Challenge, I want to help you make it through this one too and inspire others with your wins .

So for the next 15 days, I'll send you an inspirational quote every morning and an easy link back to this page so that you can check out what other people are doing and add yours. 

So invite your friends and start making a list of everything you could do in the next 15 days to live in your strengths! 

More EPIC is on the way!

Enter your info and let's get started!

I WILL Live in my STRENGTHS for the Next 15 Days!

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