Conquer Your Fear Challenge!

The Background

On January 1st, I made a resolution that I would do everything I'm scared of for the next year. Which was a great goal and I've been pretty good at keeping it. 

But what I've noticed is that I haven't been focused on the different forms fear can take.

Like when we procrastinate, we don't necessarily feel scared, but a lot of times it's because there is fear hiding behind the, "I know I should but I don't feel like it." 

Or we may not feel scared because we're not putting ourselves in enough new positions to challenge our comfort zone. 

So I've decided to do a 15-day Conquer Your Fear Challenge. And you're invited! 


The Rules

Every day, you must do ONE of the following (not all three):

- Something you fear
- Something you've been putting off
- Something you've never done before

You can repeat a task several times if it still scares you - like talking to a stranger or public speaking - until it doesn't scare you anymore. 

The best things to do, in my opinion, are things that you've always wanted and/or needed to do but for whatever reason, something has been standing in your way. 

That way this challenge is moving us forward. Build some fun, crazy stuff in there too though ;-) 

This comment thread is where we can all record our wins each day. Feel free to add proof as in pictures or videos. 

It'll also turn out to be a huge list of ideas for all of us when we get stuck on what to do each day. 


My Challenge So Far

When I did this experiment, my first 7 days were awesome!

- Day 1: Did my first, prepared confidence Facebook Live session.
- Day 2: Biggest pitch of my life thus far, OMGSH. 
- Day 3: Filed some legal paper work for my business. Yes!
- Day 4: Another big pitch. Went great :) 
- Day 5: Outlining a Visible Confidence marketing video
- Day 6: Initiated an uncomfortable conversation that needed to happen. 
- Day 7: Put the Fear Challenge out to the public.

Also, I want to help you make it through this challenge and inspire others with your wins .

So for the next 15 days, I'll send you an inspirational quote every morning and an easy link back to this page so that you can check out what other people are doing and add yours. 

So invite your friends and start making a list of everything you could do in the next 15 days to conquer your fear! 

This is going to be EPIC!

Enter your info and let's get started!

I WILL Conquer Fear in the Next 15 Days!

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